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This new version 6 of O&O SafeErase is integrated with an analysis function to search for data that was deleted non-securely. As its users know it, this tool can delete files, folders, settings, applications and even operating system so that a recovery is impossible. It also offers Internet solution.

Key Features

  • Deletion methods: O&O SafeErase offers six deletion methods each differing in the amount of procedures and the type of overwriting. Moreover, methods are also available ; methods that are matching the highest security requirements and writing over data 35 times.
  • Computer and SSDs deletion: deleting the entire operating system and the entire computer is even feasible with O&O SafeErase. If a Solid-State Drive does not support TRIM, data stored in it will be overwritten with zeros so as to avoid wear effects.
  • Internet security: cookies, form data and Internet histories can be deleted or gathered together to be deleted later on. The time you cross out browser stored information, you cannot recover them any longer.

System requirements

  • Operating systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


  • O&O SafeErase is available in French and German.
  • It can work in batch.


  • It is a shareware version that expires after some days of use.


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Alternative spelling: OOSafeErase6Professional64Enu-6.0.267.exe, OOSafeErase6Professional64Enu.exe