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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, English
Browse Wikipedia offline ! This sounds to be good idea. WikiTaxi is a portable application of Wikipedia that you can take wherever you go. No connection to Internet is required.

Key Features

The advantage of having a portable version of a software resides on the fact that no installation is required. This is the case with WikiTaxi. In fact, it easily fits on a 8 GB memory stick and can be run on any computer without Internet connection. Just as the huge English Wikipedia, this software can support about 30 languages such as English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and much more. So then, researches and results are available in several languages. To change the language version, users have to quit and restart the browser. Apart from all that, it is also allowing users to check dictionaries and quotation Wikis. Not only it is perfect for students, it can also be very practical for "inquiring people" since it offers more than 100000 articles on hand.


  • WikiTaxi is a useful tool.
  • The browsing is stable and quick.
  • Since Wikipedia data base uploads numbers of information every day, you can obtain a more recent version almost every week.


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