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1.9b (latest version)
Windows 2000, Windows XP, English
CompuEx Express Accounting is an accounting software made for a single company, a single user, and at a single currency. The application gives you the opportunity to integrate both financial accounting and operations management modules.

Key features
- For kids: A very distracted way to make children like computer world. A game with mouse clicking for coloring or making sound! It makes children starting to develop their imagination and intelligence in some way.

-Simple : one click or double click, there is always an appropriate execution that would correspond to it. The essential is that the kids can make the difference between them.

- Attractive: Very colorful display in order to attract the children’s attention once they are on the computer. Pictures designed for children so that they would not be new to the name and the description while following the given instructions.

-An educational purpose: It helps kids know the external different parts of the computer like the keyboard, the screen, the hard disk and other parts that can be seen from the outside.

System requirements
Memory 1MB
Compatible with Win 95, Win 98, Millenium, Windows 2000, XP

It is available in free version and ready to download from your computer.
It can be classified as an entertainment for kids from the kindergarten.
Available in English Version only


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