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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
Verity is a parental control software that helps to monitor children's activities on Internet. It also allows restricting certain programs parents do not want to be launched.

Key Features

Websites filtering

With Verity, parents can define authorized and unauthorized websites. For that, the name of the Website, the URL or any relevant keyword related to it has to be recorded to the program's database.

Applications restriction

It is also possible to set what program children can run. Some files and folders can be protected from being opened as well as some Microsoft programs if needed be.

Time limit

Parents have also the privilege to limit how long their children can stay in front of the computer everyday. This option is utterly customizable where parents have entire freedom to select the hour they are supposed to be on the computer.


Verity allows capturing PC screen. This option acts like a surveillance tool that captures images at regular intervals as defined by the administrator. This helps keeping track of all activities whether on the Web or on the computer.


  • Verity is 100% safe.


  • This trial version is valid for few days.


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Alternative spelling: veritysetup-1.14.exe, veritysetup.exe
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