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Spam Crusher

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Spam Crusher
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
Spam Crusher is a program that will protect your mail box from spam. It supports several e-mail accounts and can work with popular e-mail programs like Netscape, Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Incredimail Xe, PegasusMail, etc. Spam Crusher works in several ways. First, it asks you to create a list of e-mail addresses of your friends whose e-mails need not to be scanned. Then you can define keywords for blocking spam. Finally, you can directly enter domain name, e-mail addresses, keywords and more that are immediately considered as spam. For each deleted spam, you receive an audible alert. You can protect your settings with a password.



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Alternative spelling: spamcrusher-1.1a.exe, spamcrusher.exe
Latest update on July 30, 2011 at 01:30 PM.