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0.99 build 4209
Windows 2000, Windows XP, English
Casc'ADSL is a tool for Internet users connecting via remote access service and wishing to maintain their active connection. Apart from this feature, this tool incorporates several features like statistics and small tools. This is a more complete software ADSL AutoConnect.

Features available in the version 0.99 build 4209:
  • Implementation NT service.
  • Detecting change IP address of your router.
  • EZTrack: At a glance, you know if your favorite Web pages have been changed since your last visit.
  • EZSearch: In 2 clicks, do a search on any search engine.
  • Auto Service Remote Access.
  • Ability to cut the connection so programmed.
  • Possibility to log out, restarting or shutting down the PC so programmed.
  • Publication of an HTML page customized to your personal website containing your IP address.
  • Sending an email to upgrade or failure encountered.
  • Update your domain name DynDNS
  • Update your domain name no-IP
  • Function portscan integrated.
  • Function NETSTAT integrated.
  • PING integrated function.
  • Function TRACEROUTE integrated.
  • Function WHOIS integrated.
  • Time synchronization system via PC SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol).
  • GUI 100% configurable (buttons, text, lists & bitmap).
  • Exports statistics XLS and CSV files.
  • Warning System output at new versions.
  • Evaluation hourly number of daily uses.
  • Disconnect & Reconnect manual.
  • Curves symbolizing traffic snapshot.

Indicators sound events (connection, disconnection, Timetable).
  • Ability to execute a script or executable each (re) connection.
  • Integrated management of SAR events for automatic reconnects.
  • Displaying the uptime of the machine available (time elapsed since the last (re) start).
  • Displaying the uptime of the connection appears (time elapsed since the last (re) connection).
  • Ability to reset the statistics SAR.
  • Consultation of its traffic statistics generated by the connection.
  • Graphics statistics daily or hourly.
  • Can be used as statistical tool behind a router and / or LAN.
  • Ability to specify the bandwidth of its Internet service provider.

Indicators permanent bandwidth (gauges & curves).
  • Information Remote Access Service advanced.
  • Generation graphics amounts of traffic & descendants hourly or daily basis.
  • Implementation invisible (TrayIcon).
  • Implementation fully multi-threaded. "
  • Works with 98/2K/XP with Internet connection using remote access service.
  • Implementation English / French.
  • Ability to start offline.


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Alternative spelling: cascadsl.exe