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Singing Tutor

Singing Tutor
Windows XP, Windows 2000, English
People who love singing are now privileged concerning the amelioration of their performance. VIMAS Technologies has designed the software Singing Tutor for that purpose. Some features are detailed below.

Key features

Evaluation: The software offers the user the possibility to measure with precision the frequency and pitch of a voice or a specific music. When it is done, it compares them with those of a reference note to better evaluate.

Test: Singing Tutor enables the user to test several pitch notes in a diapason that he has chosen. This is made in order to control the sound quality and tonality before recording it.

Tools: The program uses a powerful and modern digital signal processing algorithm for measuring the voice pitch. He has just to plug in a microphone on the sound card of the computer.

Exercise: Singing Tutor offers the user various exercises to train his voice. He is also free to create his own exercises if he wants. He will then be able to know his progression to improve his vocal skills.


Singing Tutor has a simple and intuitive interface.

It can even replace a teacher.


This is a shareware version.


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Alternative spelling: singt-4.1.5.exe, singt.exe
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