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SuperCopier allows its users to copy files manager for Windows. It optimizes transfers for copying and moving files. It can also be a great help when dealing with large files.

Key Features

SuperCopier is an application that allows a better management of the carrying on of transfers. Indeed, it offers an opportunity to pause and resume copying later. The application adds a notification bubble for windows' low disk space. In addition to that, SuperCopier can also notify its users when the task is complete, which is useful when users have to copy several files. With this software, users are also able to overwrite files in use, cancel, resume or pause transfer if needed. It can skip a file transfer or limit the transfer speed. As for its appearance, users have the ability to change the foreground, background, text and border colors. The default appearance is not very nice to see.

System requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.


  • SuperCopier is integrated with Windows Explorer.
  • The software is easy to handle.
  • Faster copying and moving files.


  • Other similar software may be more efficient.
  • The interface is not very nice.
  • The amount of speed time is not displayed.

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