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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, English
Copman is a software that helps manage police personnel and law enforcement agencies. It allows leaders to follow up all teams' tasks and assignments.

Key Features

  • Database: Copman offers a large database where unlimited numbers of data can be stored and managed. Each entry can be edited, deleted or upgraded at any time. Moreover, the user can choose the way he wants to sort his files either by seniority within the company or by age.
  • Access: the access to the software is secured with an individual password for each user. It is also possible to define specific privilege level. The administrator can then decide to give full access to some users and restricted to others.
  • Sorting: Copman allows classifying staff into different categories in order to facilitate the follow-up of the workforce. A feature enables to separate active agents from inactive ones as well as worn and non-sworn civilian officers.
  • Searching option: by entering the agent's name or by specifying a criterion, seeking for a given person is feasible. The result is displayed instantly on the main interface.


  • Copman also consists of a simple guide that can be opened at any time by pressing F1 key.


  • This version is a 30 days trial.


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Alternative spelling: rad-cm-3.12.exe, rad-cm.exe
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