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Slowin 'Killer is a simple tool to optimize Windows.
  • Accelerate the transfer of data
  • Reduce the reaction time for opening/display in explorer
  • Reduce the waiting time at the opening of an application
  • Better speed ​​responses from programs (Optimize Ram )
  • Accelerate the connection request to websites (Syn-Ack: Handshake 3)
  • Assign more resources to applications
  • Promote the use of the processor, rather than the RAM
  • Reduce the closing time of applications
  • Reduce the time required to shut-down Windows
  • Speed ​​up the Windows startup
  • "Preload" the programs for them to open faster in the second launch
  • Speed ​​up the cache of Windows
  • Unload the unused Windows Libraries
  • Accelerate access to NTFS drives


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Alternative spelling: SK, S'K, Slowin Killer , Slowin_Killer-2.1.1.exe, Slowin_Killer.exe
Latest update on February 5, 2015 at 05:32 AM.