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Photos taken with a webcam are most of the time posted to a sharing website. Video Viewer is a versatile viewer assisting you in such operations.

Key Features

  • Sharing images: with Video Viewer makes it easy to share images taken with a webcam, and without any transformation or alteration of the quality of the images. With the help of this software, you can stream photos via Webcam.
  • Editing: if necessary, users can make some adjustments. Before sharing your video, you are allowed to edit the file, change and adjust contrast and brightness according to your preference.
  • Compatibility: this program allows the sharing of images regardless of the type of camera suitable for a Mac. In addition, it should be noted that Video Viewer is easy to handle whatever is the type of the image.
  • Supported QuickTime: it supports all QuickTime compatible video sources such as FireWire cameras, FireWire DV adaptors, FireWire IIDC webcams, USB webcams, or the InterView USB video adaptor.
  • Saving changes: the software not only allows editing images before they are broadcast on the Web, it also ensures that changes are recorded. So, once you add a modification to a video, they are sure to be saved in it automatically.

System requirements

  • Operating systems: Mac OS X.
  • QuickTime compatible video input source (video camera, webcam, video grabber card etc.).


  • The software is very convenient.
  • Video Viewer is easy to use.


  • This is a shareware version that expires after some days of use.
  • It only works with Mac platform.
  • It requires a third party driver.

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Alternative spelling: videoviewer-10-1.0.dmg, videoviewer-10.dmg
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