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Linux, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Mac OS X, English
Wi-Fi is part of everyday life. To detect them, it is recommended to use Xirrus. It is a tool especially designed to detect Wifi and channels.

Key Features

  • Radar: Xirrus is mainly designed to identify all wireless networks on the surroundings. It is equipped with "Radar" function to estimate the approximate distance from the emission source. The window of this function also informs the user about all relevant details about the network (SSID, MAC address level of reception ...).
  • Connect/disconnect: besides the radar function, the program also has the "Connect/Disconnect" option. This is a good alternative to the classic logon utility Windows and makes the application convenient and easy.
  • Options: Xirrus is rich in features. Apart from the features mentioned above, the application also provides various options such as graphic presentation, speed connection to Internet, IP address, and much more.
  • Customization: Xirrus is fully customizable. The user can adjust colors and settings. Over and above, the application also offers a choice between the "Radar" function or the "Sonar" function. For Vista gadgets fans, they can be downloaded for free on the publisher's website.


  • Xirrus is downloadable for free.
  • RAM consumption is average.


  • It is a little bit too heavy for an application.


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