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Agelong Tree

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Agelong Tree
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
AgeLong Tree is a family tree program for recording, saving and displaying information related to relatives and the events they participate. This tool is developed by Genery Software.

Key Features

  • Database: to start with, the user will have to fill up some information about a relative (siblings, cousins, parents, etc.). For that, AgeLong Tree lets him enter the username, first and middle names as well as date of birth, death date, place of residence and still other data.
  • Family tree: automatically, AgeLong Tree is generating a family tree according to data entered in it. If the image of the person has been entered, it will appear on it with names, date of birth and the family relationship.
  • Multimedia data: it is possible to insert multimedia files packed with the description of a given person. After that, it is worth to note that AgeLong Tree enables to save these media data (text, images, audio and video) and activate filter to obtain statistics.
  • Advanced features: AgeLong Tree is integrated with some advanced functions. For instance, it can calculate the family relationship of a given person to another one and automatically displays it on the interface.


  • AgeLong Tree offers a convenient layout.
  • The interface is intuitive and plain, making it simple to handle.
  • The generated family tree can be exported to a given file or printed to paper version.


  • This is a shareware version which is limited in the number of persons to record.


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Alternative spelling: AgelongTreeSetup4-4.7.exe, AgelongTreeSetup4.exe
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