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Mac OS X, English
MacFamilyTree is a professional application for the design of family trees. It has a genealogical database, called FamilySearch and providing access to a wide range of information.

Key Features

Design: via its reconsidered interface, adding people or information about them is facilitated. It is possible to associate people with family members such as sponsors, witnesses or friends. Operate fusions is also allowed as in the case of couples.

Database: the user has a personal database designed to store information. It allows sorting out what is relevant and necessary, and performing backups. A pre-established database consists of millions of geographical and historical information.

Miscellaneous: the virtual tree allows to know the details corresponding to a branch of a family such as names and dates of birth. As for the Virtual Globe, it displays all geographical information. It is worth noticing that other options exist such as statistical charts, diagrams or graphics.


MacFamilyTree supports iCloud so as to facilitate the sync of multiple devices and data updates.
It is available in 16 languages including English and French.
Reports can be exported in various formats according to needs.


This is a demo version of MacFamilyTree . The full version is available on the developers' website.


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Alternative spelling: MacFamilyTree_7.3.4_Demo.dmg
Latest update on April 27, 2015 at 10:19 AM.