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To better manage music collection, a powerful and advanced music manager like Music Player is essential. This tool provides its users with tools you need for music collection management.

Key Features

  • Synchronization: Music Player is able to synchronize your music collection with your device. Nothing difficult in the process; simply select the folder where all tracks are stored and then, the application does the rest.
  • Search option: this software gives you the ability to search music by title or artist. In addition, the creation of a playlist can be done in a few clicks through its interface. To go further, you can sort files by genre, artist, year, album, author, etc.
  • Alarm: Music Player is a little multifunction. Indeed, apart from playing and managing tracks, you can also use it as an alarm clock. In this regard, you can add your favorite song and set it as alarm.


  • This is a freeware.


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Alternative spelling: musicplayer_setup10.exe
Latest update on December 6, 2013 at 01:31 AM.