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Call Recorder for Skype

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Call Recorder for Skype
Mac OS X, English
Call Recorder for Skype is a simple-to-use utility for capturing video conversations on Skype. It can be used by all accounts regardless the age and sex.

Key Features


Call Recorder for Skype is automatically integrated to Skype after its installation on the Mac. As for all recorders and even as on some common media players, several controls can be accessed such as the Start and Play record.


The output recording, once obtained, can be converted to other formats. It can be encoded to AAC, MP3 or AIF depending on the users' needs. We ought to note here that Call Recorder for Skype also enables to convert the file for Internet use.

Customizable settings

Once the user is pleased with the recording being completed, Call Recorder for Skype is also allowing adjusting some output settings. As examples, it is possible to select the video encoding, image size and frame rate as well.


  • Call Recorder for Skype can be of a great help for video podcasts and interviews.
  • Recorded files are directed to the Mac.
  • The input and output audio can be controlled by the user.
  • It is quite simple to handle thanks to the sleek interface.


  • This is a seven-day trial version.


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