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1.4.3 (latest version)
Linux, Mac OS X, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
If you want to make some researches that needs bibliographic references, Bibus is the software that will help you for that task .

Key features

-Use : Bibus is necessary to enter bibliographic references. All the data are direcly sent to the Open office so that they would become the right tools for various researches.

-Multilingual : the software is available in Simplified Chinese, English, German, French ; Portuguese, Spanish. Consequently, it is posssible to get articles with its references from the software without passing through internet research.

-Purpose : Bibus is very efficient for scientific and educational research. It makes researches more interesting as the software allows its users to compare different books, authors, writing styles , history that may define the way of thinking at a definite period.

-Personalization : for quick and repetitive researches, the software can be defined ahead of time for a precised task. By doing that, the users can skip many steps and go directly to the goal.

System requirements

-Compatible with :, (Linux, Windows, MacOS X) and MS Word (Windows)
-Memory : 29 KB


-It is a free software that makes your researches faster and easier.
-Very simple to use due to its powerful reference storing system.


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Alternative spelling: bibus-, bibus.1-Win32-Setup.exe
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