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Tone Generator

Tone Generator
Mac OS X, English
Tone Generator is a software designed to generate and play audio tones. It helps testing sound equipment or speakers.

Key Features

Testing equipments; Tone Generator offers various features for testing equipments and audio devices. It is able to generate test tones for radio audio level alignment. It also helps calibrating and testing other devices such as speakers, sound cards and microphones.

Generating tones: as its name suggests, this tool's main function is to generate tones. It allows producing sine or square wave, triangular and sawtooth waveform as well as impulse sound waves. It can also generate white or pink noise.

Acoustic testing: all these tones generated with Tone Generator can also be used for testing the acoustics of a room. That helps the sound engineer to correct if sounds are broadcasted all over the room for a better sound spread.

Miscellaneous: Tone Generator supports Simultaneous tone generation of up to 16 tones at once. It integrates a player with which to listen to created tones. The tool allows saving sounds in WAV format so as they can be supported by any other audio player.


Other versions compatible with Windows and iOS platforms are available on the developers' Website.


This is a shareware version.


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