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Mac OS X, English
iRingtunes is a tool to create custom iPhone ringtones using a Mac. It relies on the iTunes library to search for songs from which to create these ringtones.

Key Features


iRingtunes allows creating ringtones for Apple phones. The user just selects a song in his iTunes library and the program will convert it into a ringtone. It is possible to specify its start and end point and precise its length from 1 to 39 seconds.

Preview and saving option

The user can listen to the created ringtone before saving it. If he finds the result satisfying, he can save it to the iTunes library. This new sound will be automatically added to the iPhone ringtones list when it is plugged in.

Auto processing

As soon as it is started up, iRingtunes automatically scans the iTunes library to search for songs from which to create ringtones. It detects all unprotected items and lists them for user selection. Songs provided with DRM protection are not detected.


  • Unlimited number of ringtones can be created using iRingtunes.


  • This is a demo version.


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Alternative spelling: iRingtunesX_230.dmg
Latest update on November 3, 2014 at 08:48 AM.