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Crimson Editor, designed by Ingyu Kang is a professional source code editor especially conceived for Windows. It can be a perfect solution to replace Windows notepad.

Key Features

  • Editing option: the application can edit multiple Windows documents. For example, it can switch between documents, bring the last accessed document to topmost, and also support window splitter (this aims at seeing the different parts of a document.).
  • Undo/redo: to make the editing more customizable, the editor of the software integrated multi-level undo/redo to it. Indeed, all editing actions are saved from the opening of a file and users are allowed to undo them every time it is necessary.
  • Customizable: the application also proposes customizable syntax highlighting with more than 100 computer languages. You are allowed to find and replace specified text one by one or as a whole.
  • Spell checker: spelling requiring respect, Crimson Editor also integrated around 100.000 words in its dictionary where it is easy to check the real spelling of a word. It is also possible to register new words in your own dictionary.
  • Other features: it is worth to note that, the application is also integrated with tools and macros, natural word wrapping, column mode editing and print and print review. It is also possible to remotely edit files directly via a built-in FTP client.


  • Crimson Editor is lightweight and easy to use.


  • Nothing to report.


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