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Mac OS X, English
Smutefy is program designed to mute ads when listening or watching music with Spotify. It blocks annoying advertisements and bypasses Website ads.

Key features

Detection: this utility offers direct access to Spotify's database files. It identifies disturbing announcement when listening to streaming music. Smutefy appears as an icon in the menu bar. Its color changes when an advertisement is tracked.

Blocking: after ads are identified, Smutefy blocks them from running. This software turns the volume into mute when it is inevitable to go through the site and resets it once it is over.

Updates: it is possible to check for updates of this application over the Internet. In fact, there is an option allowing users to search for them every week, day or month. This helps the program to be more accurate in its research.


Smutefy can be downloaded and used free of charge from this site.

This utility automatically resets the sound once the advertising is over.

This is a lightweight program which does not consume RAM resources.


The main interface is not available in other languages but English.


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