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Open Cellar Cross Platform

Open Cellar Cross Platform
Mac OS X, English
Open Cellar Cross Platform is a software that helps to manage a wine cellar. It makes it easier the search for a specific bottle in the cellar. This version is designed for Mac and Linux.

Key Features

Creating forms

Open Cellar Cross Platform can generate a specific information form for each bottle of wine stocked in the cellar. Each form mentions the wine's location in the cellar, its origin, price and vintage.

Reports and statistics

The user can obtain detailed reports about the cellar's new entries and outputs during a specific year. Thanks to these statistics, he can view which wine is the most appreciated by customers and anticipate a larger stock of it.


When needed, the user can also display a list of all the wines he has in his cellar. Thanks to this option, he can easily search for a specific wine using its name. After that, he just has to open its form and view where it is located.

Cellar management

Open Cellar Cross Platform also helps to manage the cellar. The user can get an overview of the whole and identify which location is occupied and which one is free. In case of new entry, he can easily find its location in the cellar.


  • Open Cellar Cross Platform is 100% free.
  • It offers an intuitive interface that makes its handling straightforward.
  • It is developed under Java and can work on both Linux (all versions) and Mac OS X.


  • Nothing special to report.


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