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Mac OS X, English
SousChef is a personal cooking assistant that offers several recipes to be realized at home. It includes more than 440,000 recipes. It relies on a cloud database made up with other users' recipes.

Key Features


SousChef uses a cloud database that is regularly upgraded with new recipes. All its users can access to this database to search for a specific recipe. Moreover, every time a new recipe is created thanks to this tool, it is automatically submitted to the catalog.

Search option

The search option that is provided with this application is very practical. The user has just to enter the names of ingredients he has in his refrigerator and he will obtain a list of possible meals to prepare with them.


SousChef also contains a specific feature for importing recipes from Internet. When the user finds out a new interesting recipe on a Website, he can import it easily just in few mouse clicks. A drag-and drop system has been integrated to fasten the process.

Sharing option

If the user wants to share a specific recipe on his blog or on his Website, he can do it directly from the tool itself. SousChef already includes a blogging application to make that possible. It also allows e-mailing secret recipes.


  • SousChef includes a ten foot mode. It allows placing the Mac somewhere safe but still readable from across the kitchen.


  • This is a shareware version.
  • This tool only runs under Mac OS X.


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