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Internet Connection Keeper

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Internet Connection Keeper
Mac OS X, English
Internet Connection Keeper is a software that can keep Internet connection alive when it is idle or low. In other words, this utility can avoid being disconnected from Internet when signals are low.

Key Features

  • Keep Internet connection: as its name already suggest, this software's main function is to keep Internet connection active. For that, it is sending a small amount of bytes to the Internet Service Provider of the user. This process avoids ISP to disconnect the computer from Internet.
  • Bandwidth use: Internet Connection Keeper is not employing users' bandwidth. This program can only send a few bytes at a configurable regular interval. This period can be configured every 30, 60 seconds or others.
  • Report: after that, this program can also deliver a report of the last attempt to keep the connection alive. There, on the interface, Internet Connection Keeper will unveil it if the attempt was a success or a failure.


  • Internet Connection Keeper does not require installation.
  • It is available in English, Italian and many other languages.


  • This is the trial version of the program which is a little bit limited in terms of features.


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Alternative spelling: Internet_Connection_Keeper-6.2.dmg, Internet_Connection_Keeper.dmg
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