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Many educators are using JClic to enhance teaching and learning through games and exercises. You can also create and upload exercises to help your students and / or your children.

Key Features

  • Download: users can download directly from the Internet activities with JClic Applet. Teachers and parents will have access to a large number of exercises on multiple themes. Students will have the occasion to do the exercises on the Internet by connecting to the JClic server.
  • Backup: results of the exercises that students have done can be stored in the database of the software through an application called JClic Report. Students will have the choice to practice either on the Internet or on their local disk.
  • Customizable: integrated with a customizable graphical environment containing buttons, graphics, and more, these make its handling trouble-free. Students can also use multimedia resources of several formats such as WAV, MP3, AVI, MPEG, QuickTime and Flash 2.0, etc.
  • Activities: not only the application stores information about student activities but also calculates the maximum of elapsed time for an exercise, the number of attempts, records, etc.


  • JClic is an educational game that is entirely customizable.
  • It is possible to download activities.


  • Handling it can take a little time.


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