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JPG Sponge

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JPG Sponge
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
JPG Sponge is a tool that allows sending encrypted messages to someone so as no other unauthorized person can access its content.

Key Features

Hiding messages: the particularity of JPG Sponge is the fact that it offers the ability to hide messages in mere image files in JPEG format. The other persons do not even suspects the real file's content and think it is a simple picture.

Encryption: in order to ensure a stronger protection, JPG Sponge encrypts files before merging it to the JPEG. By this way, even if the file is opened by someone else, this latter cannot extract the hidden message without the right decryption key.

Notepad: when processing his text message, the user is provided with a tool that looks like Windows notepad. It includes all basic functions of a word processor. To complete the encryption, the user has just to click on the encrypt button.


JPG Sponge is downloadable for free.

Other versions compatible with Linux and Mac platforms are available on the developers' website.


The message recipient also needs JPG Sponge installed on his computer in order to decrypt the secret message.


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