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Terra Ray

Terra Ray
Mac OS X, English
Terra Ray can create a terrain rendering in 3D for Mac OS X users. With all the needed tools on its database, users can easily design realistic landscape images in a few steps.

Key Features

  • Material database: Terra Ray can automatically generate soil texture that the user can select. This is the same with vegetation (plants or rocks), water (river, ocean or lakes) and many other structures. With simple few clicks, they can be combined to create the 3D environment.
  • Importing: plus the models that are already proposed there, Terra Ray also helps to add images from the outside. It can be trees, houses or cars from another application or from the hard drives; they can be added to the program by using the 3DS file formats.
  • Edit and customize materials: all proposed templates available on the program's database can be configured to match the users' needs. For instance, for the terrain materials, it is possible to use other colors, uniform mirror and other textures and to bump strength.


  • Terra Ray offers a preview mode so as to let users undo some modifications.
  • Other advanced features are available for experts in 3D creation.


  • This is a demo version.


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Alternative spelling: terraray-6.5.9.dmg, terraray.dmg
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