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Mac OS X, English
Pretz is a sofware developed by Harold Lohner. It offers the ability to add new original fonts to Mac text processor.

Key Features

Adding fonts: once Pretz is downloaded and installed on the computer, it automatically adds new fonts to all Office applications. These elements can be viewed in the fonts' drop-down menu.

Styles: Pretz consists of two different font styles. It is possible either to choose to apply grains to the font or to choose clean one. The difference between these two styles is clearly visible even if the font size is the smallest.

Special characters: this utility contains also specific characters that the user can use. For example, he is offered the possibility to use the digital print or the specific character that represent a human face.


Pretz is entirely free of charge.
Its download and execution do not impact on the computer's performance.
It is lightweight and requires few memory resources.


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Alternative spelling: PRETZ10.ZIP
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