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Vim is a convenient text editor especially destined for Mac users. It offers several options for creating an original document in no time.

Key Features

Text editing: with this program, the user can enter his texts in an appropriate window. He can create the necessary layouts including font color and size. Vim can also make changes to formatting depending on the user's requirements.

Spellchecker: Vim has been integrated with a spell checker. It allows the user to correct grammatical or other errors on its document. It is possible to launch this option as soon as the entry is complete. Then, the program automatically performs the correction.

Integration: what makes it so useful is its ability to embed in the context menu. For this purpose, the latter may use it at any time whether it is in terms of writing or correcting a text document.


The download of this program is completely free.

Special competence in language or text editing is not needed.

The intuitive interface makes all actions smooth to startup.

It is possible to save the created text on the hard drive for future use.


There is nothing special to report.


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Alternative spelling: MacVim-7_3-53.tbz
Latest update on January 23, 2015 at 08:52 AM.