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Adding image gallery or Flash banners on a Website can make it more attractive. CU3OX assists users in the creation of these elements.

Key Features

  • Creation: CU3OX can generate animated banners or Flash SWF from image files stored in the hard drive. What differentiates this program from other tools is that it can animate different parts of the image by creating 3D transition effects.
  • Importing images: apart from images stored in the HDD, CU3OX also offers the ability to import/browse files from several social networks. The user can select pictures hosted on Flickr, Photobucket or others.
  • Customizable: several parameters of the animations are entirely customizable. The user is allowed to specify the duration of transition effects (Bounce, Cubic, Elastic, etc.). It is also possible to define their types for each image.
  • Sharing option: CU3OX is integrated with an FTP client allowing users to publish created animations on the Internet without the help of a third-party application. Before sending files to another location, it is possible to test the URL to check if sharing option is feasible or not.


  • It is possible to change background color.


  • Watermark can be detected on the output.


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