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Human beings are naturally attracted by things that shine and sparkle. This program called AKVIS Lightshop enables to add stars and glow effects to images.

Key Features

  • Light effects: AKVIS Lightshop is endowed with hundreds of light effects to add to a given image. These effects are customizable. To apply them to the image, the user just have to double click on the effect or use the appropriate icon at the bottom part of the panel.
  • Star Brush: for this option, users can add multicolor stardust to the image in question. Some settings are customizable such as Layer parameters (Opacity and Blend Mode) as well as Stars parameters (color, star size, random rotation, and more).
  • Eraser: with a preview mode option, AKVIS Lightshop makes it possible to have a look at the retouched image. Thanks to this, users can begin erasing some stars, effects or other elements that are not necessary.
  • Print option: this option enables to print the image into paper. If the Mac is connected to a local network with many printers, users have to choose among them. Meanwhile, AKVIS Lightshop allows users to change print size, adjust Scale, Width, Height and Fit to Page.


  • AKVIS Lightshop is essential.


  • This is a shareware version expires after 10 days of use.


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Alternative spelling: akvis-lightshop-app-4.0.dmg, akvis-lightshop-app.dmg
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