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X-plane is a flight simulator highly defined that sets to professional pilots, aerospace engineers or simple aviation adepts. It is among the most attractive and the most realistic of its genre.

Key Features

  • Realistic simulation: it faithfully reproduces all planes' characteristics. It contains supersonic and subsonic dynamics so that players can experience a flight in a fast or slow plane.
  • Aircraft models: it is possible to test different planes' behaviors for there are no less than 30 models users can play with. Almost all the world's famous planes are listed in this game.
  • Engine customization and download: if this whole panoply is not enough, it is always possible to customize a plane. Moreover, about 1000 different models can be downloaded.
  • A large playground: the game's scenery covers nearly 2/3 of the world surface. Players can land everywhere they want between the 33, 000 airports that X-plane provides. They can even try a space journey.
  • Weather: the aviator can define himself in what kind of weather he wants to fly whether throughout a storm or in the rain. He can also import real world's weather from Internet.


  • This demo version includes only the Seattle scenery instead of the whole world.
  • It recognizes joystick input for 15 minutes only.


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