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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, English
Removing noises from digital photos requires specific tools such as NDNoise. This program has been designed especially so as to perform this action easily and efficiently.

Key Features

Enhancing images: NDNoise offers the ability to improve the image rendering by making the picture smoother. For this purpose, it offers three sliders tuning for basic use which are noise removal, dots/spots/lines smoothing and retexturing

Zooming: what is interesting with this program is the fact that it allows to zoom in or out so as to view all details about the image. By this way, the user can check up even the slightest pixel.

Batch mode: NDNoise is also able to deal with multiple images at a time thanks to its option for batch processing. It allows applying the same parameters to several images at once so as not to repeat the process again and again with each one.


Other versions of NDNoise , compatible with Mac OSX and Linux are available on the developer's website.
This program is entirely free of charge.
It is lightweight and consumes few memory and system resources.


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