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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, English
The 3D field reflects a futuristic environment. 3D models gradually replace cartoons for their realism. View3dscene is a software which enables its user to design interactive 3D animations and models.

Key features

Designing: As mentioned above, it offers the user the possibility to create 3D models including realistic details. The application also allows him to make 3D interactive animations thanks to the Kanim module which has been integrated to it.

Editing: View3dscene has different previewing options allowing to see the evaluation of the model such as turning, zooming or moving from the mouse and the keyboards. Thus, the user will be able to inspect each elements of the model.

Conversion: Apart from these, the software also enables the user to convert the model into other formats. That is to say, he can export it into Collada, 3DS, MD3, Wavefront OBJ and so on. The conversion concerns XML encodings as well.


The download of View3dscene is completely free of charge.

It has an intuitive interface which makes it easy to handle.

It is possible to capture screenshots of the scenes.


There is nothing special to report on it.


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