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Elasty HD

Elasty HD
Mac OS X, English
Elasty HD is a software specially designed by Creaceed allowing to edit videos. It is a program which runs on Mac platform and offers the user advanced processing tools.

Key features

Adding effects: The program has a large library containing different visual effects for customizing the videos. The user will then be able, among others, to modify the timing of the video in order to accelerate or slow down the sequences.

Stabilization: This feature of Elasty HD allows the user to compensate the vibrations caused by movement of the camera during the capture. For that, he just has to apply the balancing parameters of the video until there is no tremble anymore.

Editing: This software has many tools for adjusting images. It enables to make different transformations such as rotation or even the change in orientation. It also has a cropping option in order to correct the displaying size of the video sequence.


Elasty HD offers the possibility to insert in the videos images from the library.

The stabilization process can be done automatically or by the user himself if needed.

It is an easy to use software.


This is a demo version.

The presentation is in French.


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