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Argentum Backup

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Argentum Backup
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, English
Securing data and documents stored in the hard disk can be done with Argentum Backup. It is easy to handle.

Key Features

  • Protection: Argentum Backup is designed to protect documents against accidental deletions, overwrites and virus attacks. For this, it uses the powerful encryption algorithm AES/256 bit.
  • Compression: this program is able to reduce the size of recorded files to avoid them taking too much space in the hard disk. For this purpose, it is using the compression of Zip files.
  • Configuration: the user has the right to schedule Argentum Backup so that it runs the backup automatically at determined time intervals. This method allows users to obtain a copy of all data backups.
  • Backup: this option provides the user with a backup of different types such as backups for Outlook folders, e-mails, IM clients such as MSN, Yahoo !, ICQ and others.
  • Attributes: Argentum Backup keeps the file attributes (name, size, file format, etc.) and dates. This option is the same for both files and folders to backup.


  • Argentum Backup includes an option to create custom calendar records.


  • This shareware version is only available in English and expires after some days of use.


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Alternative spelling: backup300.exe