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Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
RoboPostman is an application for personalizing the appearance of emails. It can also manage address lists and custom tailor the users' messages to include dynamic content to each recipient.

Key Features

  • Visual editor: thanks to this feature built-in to RoboPostman, users can custom messages to send to a recipient. They can add colors, styles and links that cannot be found on email protocols. It can also encode it to HTML.
  • Attachments appending: this process can be performed in batch meaning that the user can add as many attachments as needed. They can also be displayed following a specific rotation or a random process.
  • List management: RoboPostman enables to organize the list of recipients on the email. They can be imported and exported as Text, Address Book or CSV. Addresses can be trimmed, checked in terms of integrity and even scrubbed from a POP3 account or text file.
  • Limitation: for this function, users are given the ability to set a limitation when it comes to the number of messages to be sent per SMTP connection. It is also possible to restrict the range of recipients to be mailed at once.


  • RoboPostman is an essential tool for customizing emails.
  • Headers, Bcc, Cc and more can be personalized.


  • This is a 15 days trial.


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Alternative spelling: robopostman-1.2.7.exe, robopostman.exe
Latest update on October 30, 2014 at 07:01 AM.