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Email remover

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Email remover
Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
Victor Javier has especially created Email Remover for that. This is a software which allows the user to view email from POP3 server and kill spam mails.

Key features

Previewing: The program offers the user the possibility to mail headers. This will show him the name, the subject, the date and more importantly the sender. He also has the possibility to have a look at the mail content.

Removing: When previewing, the user can now know which emails interest him and which are not. If he does not want to download one email, he is perfectly able to remove it from the box with just one click.

Multiple accounts: Email Remover can also support multiple email accounts set by the user. The advance option allows him to do so by entering all the required information. Once done, he just has to choose the account he wants to check mail.


The download of Email Remover is completely free of charge.

It also offers the user the possibility to launch external email program.


There is nothing special to report on it.


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