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LaunchPad Control

LaunchPad Control
Mac OS X, English
It is sometimes hard to find one application through many others on the Launchpad pane when they all appear. Launchpad Control has been developed to help the user to organize it.

Key features

Arrangement: This program offers the possibility to arrange the mess in the launchpad pane and to organize it. The user can create a folder where to put the list of applications which he is still using and another one which he does not.

Hiding: Those created lists still appear in the pane. But with Launchpad Control, it is possible to hide them. To do that, he just has to check the box beside the applications and they will be removed from the launchpad pane.

Folders name: Putting the folders in an alphabetical order will make the search easier. To create a folder, the user will just need to drag an application and drop it on top of another. He then can name this folder.


This software can be downloaded for free.

The setting of the interface is quite clear which makes it easy to manipulate.


There is nothing special to report on it.


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