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Mac OS X, English
Organizing and assembling disc partitions in an IT network requires a certain expertise and a specialized tool. MountWatcher was designed to mount and unmount volumes, shares and disks.

Key features

Manage: MountWatcher is designed to handle the mounting of Windows (SMB) and Apple (AFP). It then allows the user to share files easily on a local network. This program is also equipped with a Wake Up LAN option which can wake computers up on Ethernet LAN.

Partition: this software is mainly focused on automatically mounting volumes/disk on laptop or computer. This function provides the opportunity to create virtual storage units on the hard disk. The user can define the size of each partition during this task.

Locked mode: in addition to sharing option, MountWatcher is also able to protect each partition by putting a password and a username on the volume. This function aims to block the access to third party users.


MountWatcher gives access to another volume connected via LAN.

The software is easy to use thanks to its speed to execute tasks simultaneously.


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