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Mac OS X, English
DupeZap is a software developed by Hyperbolic Software which enables the user to clean and free some spaces in his hard disk. It can search and remove duplicate files.

Key features

Scan: Once the user has clicked on the search button, the program is capable of scanning the entire disk in depth. It effectuates the process even in the inaccessible parts in order to detect the duplicate files.

Search method: DupeZap is rigorous when it comes to finding duplicates. It uses several searching methods during the analysis. This tool is capable of searching by name, size, date of modification and so many else.

Deleting: Once the analysis is over, it displays the result on the main window. It offers the user the possibility to place them in a new folder or directly delete them from the interface by clicking on the related button.

Tag editor: What makes DupeZap interesting is its ability to access the metadata of music in iTunes and edit them. The user will then have the possibility to change the title, artist's name or album.


DupeZap makes sure to keep at least one file of the duplicate in the disk.

It can even search for empty folders or files.


This is a shareware version.


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