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Screenshot Captor enables to take screenshots, edit and annotate them and share the output to friends and families. This tool is developed by DonationCoder.

Key Features

  • Capture modes: keyboard shortcuts have been integrated with Screenshot Captor to access each capture mode. For instance, we can cite catches on multiple screens, on a single desktop, on an active window or on a special region selected by the user.
  • Editing: what makes Screenshot Captor stands out from others is that it enables to edit the output. By this, we mean that it is possible to rotate the image, rename it, adjust color and saturation and even zoom in and out if necessary. Note that it supports Undo and Redo actions.
  • Comments: Screenshot Captor gives the user a small window in which he can add comments to the captured image(s). For that, several tools are made available for users such as Pen, Pencil, Rubber, Text font and colors.
  • Configuration: if no configuration has been made, Screenshot Captor uses the default system. The aim for this process is to automatically rename files thanks to the date the capture was taken as well as the format in which it is saved.


  • Screenshot Captor is downloadable free of charge.
  • The interface is well-designed.


  • No further information to report.


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Alternative spelling: ScreenshotCaptorSetup-4.8.5.exe, ScreenshotCaptorSetup.exe