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Linux, English
Luciole offers Linux users to obtain image captures. This software has been specially designed to carry out this kind of project.

Key Features

Capture: like most similar tools running on Windows, Luciole allows the user to make screenshots on Linux. It is possible to record everything that happens on the screen or to focus only a defined area according to preference.

Saving: images obtained via screenshooting can be stored on the hard drive for future review. The encoding of the images will fit any viewer application compatible with Linux operating system.

Photomontage: what makes Luciole stands out from any other program is that it includes a specific feature for making photomontage. This option can be accessed from the interface of the software.

Export: after the edition process, all images can be exported into a specific format so as to be supported by Linux media players. The export process is fast and the image quality is preserved.


This software is downloadable for free.


As Luciole has been designed to be compatible with Linux, a certain knowledge of this operating system is required.


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Alternative spelling: luciole-0.9.3.tar.gz, luciole.tar.gz
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