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HTML Shrinker Light

HTML Shrinker Light
Windows 2000, Windows XP, English
HTML Shrinker Light decreases the size of the web pages quickly to make your web site more efficient .It reduces the size of your web and wap pages up to 35% without changing their layout Shrinks.

This software is entirely Free .It is available is various languages .

The software requires at least 24 MB of RAM which is not affordable to everyone
It is not compatible with other operating system besides windows .

The main Features of HTML Shrinker
Compatible with old browsers or text-based editors.
Presets feature for using only those shrinking options that are HTML4-compliant .
Options dialog to deactivate or activate different shrinking options
Restore option to bring back the original files
Clean up your html documents to make them slim for archiving or transfering them to your pocket computer .

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