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Linux, English

Known as a webcam server, WapcamServer is also a monitoring surveillance tool and publication on the Internet. It is developed and published by CakeTuzz.

Key Features

  • Motion detector: WapcamServer contains a proximity sensor which detects movement by using infrared rays. The sensibility of the device can be configured; it sends an email to the users' email address when it detects something in the surrounding area.
  • Camera: this software can transform simple camera into IP (Internet Protocol) cameras. It is thus possible to see what they are recording even from another remote machine. The user just has to leave the computer with the webcam connected to the Internet.
  • Back up: WapcamServer backs up recorded video in a standard format. It is possible to modify all recording settings from the main interface. The user can change the destination folder and file format. It is also possible to limit the time of capture.

System requirements

  • Operating System: Linux.
  • File size: 3 MB
  • Internet access on the machine using the webcam.


  • This program is available in English and in French.
  • WapcamServer is downloadable free of charge.
  • It also gives users the choice to configure the required port.


  • Nothing special to report.

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Alternative spelling: WapcamServer1.4.1-Linux-install.jar
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