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Ezvid is a full-featured program for video editing and recording.

Key Features

  • Video editor: for this option, users are free to edit videos. They can make speed changes, re-arrange the video to cut the video and create a new one. It is also possible to add texts and image slides to the video in question.
  • Screen recorder: Ezvid offers several modes for screen recording. Users are free to record only a region or the entire screen. The process has been enhanced thanks to the use of the latest C++ binaries.
  • Speech Synthesis: Ezvid can also be used as a Speech Synthesis tool. It can convert normal language text into speech. For that, all users have to do is to click on the "Synthesize speech" button, start and end recording.
  • YouTube Upload: this is making Ezvid quite essential. Once the video recorded and edited, this program gives the possibility to upload the file to YouTube with 1280x720 resolution which is especially optimized for this website.


  • It is hundred percent free.
  • It enables to create slideshow.


  • Nothing to report.


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