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Developed by Andreas Viklund, WikSpeak is a linguistics tool that enables to study the correlation between spelling and pronunciation. How words are pronounced is based on Leaner's dictionary and Merriam Webmaster's.

Key Features

  • Phonetic transcription: WikSpeak is following the updated International Phonetic Alphabet (commonly known as IPA) for this option. This means that transcriptions are current (2005 is the latest version) and reliable avoiding to flip through the dictionary.
  • Pronunciation: the way a word is uttered can be available with sound. WikSpeak is packed with an audio support so as to let users listen to the real pronunciation of a given word. This also means that a headphones or loudspeakers are compulsory so as to hear it clearly.
  • CMU dictionary: WikSpeak developer is working tightly with Carnegie Mellon University for North American English. In its database, it has more than 125, 000 words with their transcriptions packed with them. In addition, No Stress (0), Primary Stress (1) and Secondary Stress (2) can been seen on each word.


  • WikSpeak is an Open Source GNU license.
  • This tool can be a great help for English language learners and future linguists.
  • It is simple to install and uninstall.


  • Nothing special to report.


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