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6.1.18 (latest version)
Unix, Linux, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X, English
Sometimes, the synchronization of devices with software is needed. Such task requires the appropriate tools such as Group-Office.

Key Features

Synchronization: Group-Office was especially designed to assist in the synchronization of PDA and Outlook using Linux. Thanks to this option, it offers the ability to access to email inbox via a PDA device.

Sharing: Group-Office allows sharing projects, calendars, files and e-mails with customers and colleagues. Indeed, it is possible to sync as many devices as needed so as to grant access to data to various persons using various PDA.

Practicality: this application is practical and helpful for keeping track of emails and agenda without using the computer. Via a simple PDA, the user can keep an eye on his emails and never miss important ones.

Billing module: this version of the application is provided with a billing tool where it is possible to create quotes, orders and invoices. These documents can be printed or sent by email as attachments.


Group-Office can be downloaded for free.
It offers a simple and intuitive graphical interface.
Its installation and handling are easy and requires no specific knowledge in computing.


There is nothing special to report.


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Alternative spelling: groupoffice-com-6.1.18.tar.gz, groupoffice-com.tar.gz
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