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Default Folder X

Default Folder X
Mac OS X, English
Default Folder X is a tool which has been designed by St. Clair Software. By using this program, the user will have the possibility to quickly access his favorite folders.

Key features

Menu: The software has hierarchical pop-up menus option available in the toolbar. This function offers the user the possibility to open and save his folders. He can also see the contents of these folders by just hovering the mouse on them.

Editing: Default Folder X is also integrated with Finder and Spotlight option. It enables the user to quickly find the folder in the open dialog and directly edit the file. He can also view the information related to each file.

Customizing: This program offers the user default keyboard shortcuts. But that does not limit him from customizing them according to his preferences. He can also choose to rebound on the last item used in each of his folder.


Default Folder X prevents the user from browsing through many folders before reaching the right file.

He can create one keyboard shortcut for one folder.

This is an easy to use software.


This is a trial version.


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Alternative spelling: DefaultFolderX-4.7.3.dmg, DefaultFolderX.dmg
Latest update on August 28, 2015 at 05:12 AM.