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TimeSnapper Professinal

TimeSnapper Professinal
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, English
Need to know all week's productivity? TimeSnapper Professional is a software which automatically captures the user's desktop from the background. Some of its features will be detailed below.

Key features

Productivity: The program allows the user to know if he has been productive during the day or the week. It is possible thanks to the calculator which measure the time spent on each program of the computer. Results are given in percentage.

Customization: TimeSnapper Professional may run automatically from the background but it also lets the user to customize it. He can for instance filter which program in the computer needs to be captured; he can also set the interval time of capture.

Privacy: The computer may be used by many people and they will surely see the screenshots. This utilitarian gives the possibility to protect them by adding password. With this, the user only will have access to the pictures.


The pictures will not fill the hard drive for the user can define their sizes, the time between each capture and so on.

The software can also run on multiple monitors


This is a shareware version of TimeSnapper Professional.


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Alternative spelling: TimeSnapperProSetup-, TimeSnapperProSetup.exe